The following is information regarding the Barbara R. Crevling Memorial Grant, which is awarded each year to a 12th grade student and a 5th grade student who meet the criteria, set forth by the CCTA Scholarship Committee.

The artistic and talent presentations will be held Wednesday, March 27th at the Cornwall Central Middle School.

A. CRITERIA: All graduating seniors and fifth grade students who demonstrate potential, but underdeveloped talent in the artistic field are encouraged to apply. Applicants must have a sponsor. (i.e. teacher, parent, community member)

B. PROCEDURE: Applications and sponsor form can be found at the links below. The application form is to be filled out by the student. The sponsor form is to be filled out by the sponsor. It is important to follow all directions and complete all sections of the application by the deadline dates.

C. DEADLINE: It is imperative that both forms be submitted on or before Wednesday, February 20th. Only applications submitted on or before that date will be considered by the Scholarship Committee. All applications will be reviewed, when submitted, for completeness. You will then receive an instruction packet via email, which you should read thoroughly, paying careful attention to dates and times.

D. EVALUATION: The evaluation will consist of:
1.  Applications - The committee will review all applications submitted on or before the deadline. Please take care to answer all questions completely and accurately.
2.  Performance - There will be a formal display, or live performance, of talents by all candidates.
3.  Final Review - All semi-finalists will be contacted by email for a personal interview to be held on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 between 3:45 and 6:30 PM.


NOTE: Student candidates for the Barbara R. Crevling Memorial Grant are required to have a sponsor.  The sponsor must complete and submit a Crevling Memorial Grant Sponsor Recommendation Form.  Examples of sponsors include an art or a music teacher, mother or father, or other relative.  The sponsor must have had an opportunity to experience the candidate's talent and be willing to endorse the student candidate and his or her talent.


Barbara R. Crevling was a third grade teacher at Cornwall-on-Hudson for about twenty years.  Barbara's keen sense of awareness, and her unusual concern for her students, left a permanent mark on her classes and her community.  One of Barbara's abilities was encouraging her students to know themselves better and to pursue their creative interests.  Constant personal encouragement was the means by which Barbara was able to promote and foster each student's self-awareness and growth.

In order to perpetuate this unique attribute of Barbara's the Cornwall Central Teachers' Association has established the Crevling Grant in her memory.  This endowment allows Barbara Crevling's spirit to live on in each participant.  With the award winners, there is hope that their underdeveloped talent will blossom and grow.  It is our hope that by participating in this event, each student will gain a greater appreciation for the unique talents of us all.